Lighting study

For a new-build, renovation or project, it is best to commission a lighting study prior to commencing the electrical work. Light is very important and to a great extent it determines the mood in a room. Good lighting is also functional, atmospheric and energy-efficient. Our experienced lighting designers work with you to formulate a plan which will fulfil your long-term lighting needs, always taking into account your taste, architectural style and budget.

We provide a complete technical file and technical support to the electrician and architect. A lighting study always occurs following an appointment. You can contact us if you would like to know more about the way it works and the specific conditions for this type of lighting study, or about the expert lighting advice our lighting advisers can provide.

Do you need professional lighting advice?

Please contact us without obligation and our lighting advisers will help you further!

For all your questions contact us at : T. 050 33 07 07
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